River Condition – General

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  • Bob says:

    It is dificult to recommend going fishing these days of hot weather, low water and bright sun but one of our members Ashley Cook had a birthday, after struggling in the morning with the dry fly Ashley changed to the Czech nymph and promptly landed a 5lb 80z Chubb which was some feat on a 2 weight fly rod and a fine tippet, continuing the foray Ashley landed a further 31 brown trout with half of them up to a pound in weight, not bad fishing considering the conditions which continue today to be bright and sunny with low water.

  • Fred says:

    Morning All.
    A beautiful morning again with the colours and smells of our countryside so fresh in the early morning air. The river is dropping off to a trickle coming over Locks weir and its little better down here at Waddow weir. I have no news to report for downstream and with the river being so low there will not be many rods out. A cast on the reservoirs will be the best chance of a fish and this will be in the early morning or late evening.

  • Bob says:

    Yet another beautiful day, glorious weather for the imenant Royal Wedding and with the sun so bright and sky so blue it may be the best option for the middle of the day to watch the ceremony rather than cast a fly in such conditions, the river has dropped another centimetre and is now getting very low at 0.23metres, better leave the fishing till later in the evening, even up at Winterburn fishing conditions will be challenging, it will pay to look for some ripple in which to swim the fly but again the evening will give the best chance for some sport.

  • Bob says:

    The centemetres keep disapearing from our river level with this hot dry weather, we are now down to 0.24metres on the P/Bridge gauge, fishing does become more difficult during the day with river levels getting so low, so it will be the drifted Czech nymph in the faster water, maybe a dry fly, if there are any fish rising or going out wth the fly rod later in the evening but unfortunately these past few days, as the sun goes down so does the temperature which again makes fishing difficult, so it,s bright sun, not much cloud, no wind and make the best it you can.

Settle, North Yorkshire
May 21, 2018, 2:17 am
real feel: 8°C
current pressure: 1020 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 2 mph SE
wind gusts: 7 mph
sunrise: 4:57 am
sunset: 9:15 pm
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