River Condition – General

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  • Bob says:

    Still a lovely fishing water with 0.26metres on the gauge at Locks,getting a little bit low up here in the Settle area for the salmon fly but down at Arnford there should be plenty of water to move the fly, overhead conditions are fine at the moment, cloudy but bright although there is a little bit of wind about, the wind may increase during the day as may the rain also make an appearence as it moves up from the south, another low pressure is on it’s way, this time we should see more rain as well as high winds, fishing will then be on hold for a few days whilst the weather settles down again.

  • Bob says:

    This morning the weather is lovely, a bright sunny start and no wind but a little cooler than we have been used to, a great morning to go fishing with the river at a lovely height of 0.28 metres on the Locks gauge, 0.52 on the Penny Bridge gauge an ideal height for swimming a salmon fly on many of our pools or even a Czech nymph for a grayling, the river is running clear after all the water we have had over the past few days, perfect for fishing but just be careful when handling any salmon you may be lucky enough to land and ensure they are fully recovered when you release them in the water.

Settle, North Yorkshire
October 20, 2017, 2:29 am
real feel: 9°C
current pressure: 1000 mb
humidity: 100%
wind speed: 11 mph N
wind gusts: 11 mph
sunrise: 7:47 am
sunset: 6:00 pm
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