River Condition – General

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692 Responses to River Condition – General

  • Fred says:

    Morning all.
    Its been bitterly cold, and I blame the Russians. Its still cold this morning but nothing like we have had for most of this month. Fishing has certainly been put on hold, as well as spring from what we see. We had a weekend away in the Lakes and not a daffodil to be seen in bloom and we are in the middle of March.
    It could be a nice grayling day today as the river is at a good height but it will be a bit nippy and the water temperature will be low. I know as my spaniel likes a swim but yesterday she ventured in just enough to wet her feet. Sensible dog. Go on try a cast today but please don’t invite me .

  • Bob says:

    At lesast it is much better weather this morning, gone has that bitterly easterly wind which has now moved to a more northerly direction and is not as strong, the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue which gives a much better feeling; although the river is at a good fishing height of 0.43 metres on the Penny Bridge gauge I will not be dashing out with a fly rod, far too cold for me to do that; temperatures are still hovering around zero but maybe around mid-day a trout or two maybe tempted to look at a very deeply fished nymph.
    Our thoughts must go to one of our members, Ian Barrow, who lives deep down south in Cornall where they are experiencing some heavy snow and blocked roads, how grateful we are in the northern dales to hopefully have seen the end of snowy weather.

Settle, North Yorkshire
March 20, 2018, 7:51 am
real feel: 0°C
current pressure: 1030 mb
humidity: 84%
wind speed: 4 mph N
wind gusts: 9 mph
sunrise: 6:12 am
sunset: 6:22 pm
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