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Pollution & Conservation


If you see pollution of any kind then ring the EA hotline 0800 80 70 60

Then let Fred Higham, Pollution Officer for the RFCA for the Ribble and Hodder, know on 01200 423314.

Pollution can be anything from recently dipped sheep on a watercourse to sewage or effluent discharges into a watercourse.

One discharge of sheep dip into a Welsh river killed all invertebrate life for a good quarter of a mile downstream destroying the fish habitat. With no insects in the river the fish have nothing to live on.

If you see anything at all suspicious on or near the river then contact:

Bailiff: Mr Adrian Fryer Tel 01729 822727 Mob 07977 269302 email:

Poaching Officer: Mr M Carr Tel 01729 823373 Mob 07883010186 email:


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