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Some North Country Patterns

Whistling Dun Shadow 096

The following pages show a few of the flies that have been fished traditionally on the Ribble  and other Northern waters, from the Derbyshire Dove to the Cumbrian Derwent. The tradition is a long and noble one and is best seen in books by such authors as Pritt, Edmonds and Lee, Fogg and Greenhalgh.  (Check out the bibliography page on the site.)

The fly above is the Whistling Dun, so called because it uses a feather from the Golden Plover or Whistling Plover as it was known in some parts of the North Country

Snipe And Purple

Brazzle Fly

Blue Partridge

Treacle Parkin

Partridge and Orange

Waterhen Bloa

Cock Up

Woodcock And red

Snipe Bloa

Silver March Brown

Grouse and Claret

Butcher Spider