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  1. Fred

    Morning All.

    I have been passed these figures of the numbers of fish which were counted through Waddow fish pass in October. These are very optimistic numbers for the future, all we need now is a good spawning season

    Waddow Counter Figures for October.
    We had a total of 785 fish counted up and 32 fish down. The up counts break down to
    302 fish under 4 lbs and 451 fish over 4 lbs. The full year’s total of fish over 4 lbs in 2019 was 789. This year up to the end of October we have a total of 1334, and we still have two months count yet to add.

  2. Fred

    Morning all.
    Well then that’s another fishing season put to bed, well for most anglers with the end of the trout and salmon season, but I’m sure some lads will brave the elements for our lovely grayling during the winter months The salmon rods down and hung up tidy in their bags, reels and lines cleaned and put away until next March. It may seem like a long winter, more so with this dreadful pandemic hanging over us all, but as sure as shot spring will come round again.
    We had a late fish off the RAA Nappa beat yesterday afternoon when a lad had fished all day and then as the light faded managed a 8 lb cock fish, perseverance paid off.

    On a personal note, its the first year in seven decades I’ve been unable to fish due to various health problems, and yes I’ve missed it more than I care to say. I’ve not only missed being able to fish but I’ve also missed meeting up with many friends and enjoying a chat sat at our little cabin enjoying a coffee and watching as the seasons changed. Taken all round it seems to be have been a lot better season with more salmon about, with reports yesterday of a lot of fish now up at the top of the river, we hope that the spawning goes well and the redds are safe.
    I hope you all keep safe in these dreadful times we now live in and winter well.

    1. Ray Davey

      Thanks Fred and I hope you and yours keep well.
      I really enjoy reading your blog, even though I haven’t fished the river this year. Old age and commitments! I’m looking forward to next year.
      Regards, keep well.