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  1. Bob

    A big change in the weather this morning, we have rain, at times heavy rain and a chill in the air although on the positive side, at the moment there is not much wind, this may alter as the day progresses. I am surprised we don’t have any extra water in the river this morning, rain started to fall about ten last night and it was particularly heavy first light this morning, maybe we will see the river rise from it’s present level off 0.26metres later on this morning.The Ribble Trust are tackling the partial removal of the weir today, they may have to take care with this rain about especially if it has been heavy up in the hills, if you are thinking of going fishing it will pay to be well clear of the water below the by-pass bridge where as there may be some discolouration of the river.

  2. Bob

    A change is on the cards for the weather today and it looks like there is a slight change for us this morning, there is now a mist on the hills and no sign of any sun, something rather unusual after so many days of wall to wall sunshine, I think we may see the sun rise a little later this morning but the forecasters are predicting rain moving south from Scotland and then much colder conditions with northerly winds. We have had a jolly good run of sunny weather but the river is now showing it’s bones once again with the level at 0.26metres, a summer level which makes fishing quite difficult, the deep fished nymph will still encourage a take fished in the fastest deeper water at the head of the pool. really we need a good spate once again to help the fishing recover before the end of the trout season.

  3. Bob

    My thanks to Fred for keeping the blogs going these past few days, I have been enjoying the warm sunny dry conditions on the Mull of Galloway, very dry and warm they were as it has been in the Dales, reducing the river to a summer level of 0.27metres, still chance of fishing with the weighted nymph but attention will have to given to the weight size of the cast. The weather is as before, bright sunny conditions with possibly an easterly breeze as the day progresses, difficult fishing conditions.Contractors working for the Ribble Trust are planned to make a partial removal of the weir below the by-pass on Wednesday, it will pay to avoid this area and direct any planned fishing trips well above the works to avoid any discolouration of the water which I would imagine will be minimal as they bund off the flow of the river flow with a straw filter.

  4. Fred

    Morning all.
    Over the last couple of weeks we have had some lovely early autumn weather, a bit of an Indian summer and we have all felt the benefit of a bit of warm sunshine.
    The river has dropped off to the lowest its been for a long time, still fishable for trout but most salmon rods have been hung up until the rains arrive again. But the odd salmon rod has been out, one I know fished the other day from 6.30am until dusk which is a long time. He covered most pools and lies with different lines, rods and flies, but touched nothing apart from the odd small kamikaze brownie. Is that dedication to our sport or what ?
    Bob has been away for a couple of days, making most of this lovely sunny weather, no doubt he will have been checking a few rivers he drove over. Hence my feeble offerings at a report for the last couple of days.
    If you get a chance wander down to the river today as I think the weather has to change from the middle of next week, and the trout season will be over soon, so it may be your last chance to chuck a small nymph across the pools.
    Tight lines.