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A Yorkshire Song About Grayling

I came across the words to this song while looking through a website of Yorkshire songs – it’s a great treasury of Yorkshire traditional music – check it out via the link here

A Yorkshire Garland

The river Darren here refers to the Yorkshire Derwent

The Forging Of Me Scales

While forging of me scales an’ springs an’ blowin’ of me bellas
Another line or two I’ll pen about me shopmate Joe Ellis.
In makin’ flights an’ fishin’ ’ooks things allus go in t’ Darren
But I’ll nimbly trip it o’er yon moss till I comes to t’ River Darren

Fal-the-dal, fal-the-dal, fal-daddle-diddle-di-do
I’ll nimbly trip it o’er yon moss till I comes to t’ River Darren.

The mornin’ fine slaps in me line as e’er the fish a graylin’,
For I’ll soon catch one by the snout, see ’ow ’e comes a-sailin’.
An’ lo an’ be’old thou must be sold, for me thou art so clever,
But if this line should chance to break thou may be gone for ever.

Another aisle or two I’ll try although I feel I’m slighted
An’ then I must be joggin’ ’ome or else I’ll be benighted.
The neighbours they come flockin’ in, the fish begin a-buyin’,
They’ll take ’em ’ome to gut an’ wesh an’ then begin a fryin’.

Some people they a-fishin’ go know little of the matter,
They toil an’ spend their time in vain a-floggin’ of the watter;
They’ll long an’ wish to catch fish but merely they will watch ’em;
They’ll bait ’em with a silver ’ook but ’e’s a workman that can catch ’em.


Listen to the song by clicking on the button below – it’s an interesting traditional song

Forging of My Scales