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Just click on the links below and you will be taken to the books. This is an amazing resource. Proof that, for all its faults the Web has a lot to commend it.

We are indebted to our internet wizard, Spike (a Yorkshireman through and through) for the following links.


Fishing gossip; or, Stray leaves from the note-books of several anglers – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1866

The modern practical angler. A complete guide to fly-fishing, bottom-fishing & trolling – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1870

Fly-fishing and worm-fishing for salmon, trout and grayling – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1876

Fishing Salmon and Trout – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1889 (fifth edition)
Fishing Salmon and Trout – (fifth edition – better copy)
Fishing Salmon and Trout (fourth edition 1888)

Fishing Pike And Other Coarse Fish – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1887

Bottom or Float-Fishing – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1876

Modern improvements in fishing tackle and fish hooks – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1887

The Compleat Angler – Izaaz Walton 1676

Fishing – translation of The Latin of Vanier –  Rev. John Duncombe 1809

Fishing with a Worm – Bliss Perry 1896

Fishing Tackle – Perry D Frazer 1914

Trout Fishing – W. Earl Hodgson 1920

Salmon Fishing – W. Earl Hodgson 1920

Tragic Fishing Moments – W.H. Dilg 1922

Fishing with the fly – C.F. Orvis 1885

Fly Fishing – Sir Edward Grey 1899
Fly Fishing (altern.)

Salmon Fishing– John James Hardy 1907

Coarse Fishing – H.T. Sheringham 1912

Trout fishing : memories and morals – H.T. Sheringham 1920

Practical Fly Fishing – Larry St John 1928

Dry-fly Fishing – R.C. Bridgett 1922

Fly Fishing in Wonderland – O.P. Barnes 1858

Let’s Go Fishing – L.V. Bates 1946

All About Trout Fishing – J.A. Riddell 1909

Fishing kits and equipment – S.G. Camp 1877

Fishing with floating flies – S.G. Camp 1877

The Fine Art of Fishing – S.G. Camp 1911

Favorite fish and fishing – J.A. Henshall 1908

Fishing at Home and Abroad – Sir Herbert Maxwell 1913

Fishing and Fishers – J.P. Taylor 1898

Science of Fishing – A.R. Harding 1912

In a Fishing Country – W.H. Blake 1897

Dry Fly Trout Fishing – W.W. Michael 1951

Practical Fresh Water Fishing – Francis E. Sell 1960

A Fishing Catechism – R.F. Meysey-Thompson 1905

Routledge’s Handbook of Fishing – Routledge 1867

The Science of Dry Fly Fishing and Salmon Fly Casting – Fred G. Shaw 1907

Fishing from the earliest times – William Radcliffe 1921

Notes on Fish and Fishing – J.J. Manley 1877

Fishing in Derbyshire and Around – W.M. Gallichan 1905

Fishing and Travel in Spain – W.M. Gallichan 1904

Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing – Thomas Boosey 1887

Pond Lake And Stream Fishing – Ben C. Robinson 1941

Practical dry-fly fishing – E.M. Gill 1912

A Handbook of Angling – Edward Fitzgibbon 1865

The Practical Angler or The art of trout-fishing more particularly applied to clear water – W.C. Stewart 1905

Angling: A Practical Guide – J.T. Burgess 1867

Fishing for pleasure and catching it – E. Marston 1906

Forty years of trout and salmon fishing – J.L. Dickie 1919

Wet-fly fishing treated methodically – Ewen M. Todd 1903

A History of Fly fishing for Trout – J.W. Hills 1921

North Punjab Fishing Club Anglers’ Handbook – George H. Lacy 1888

Trout and salmon fishing in Wales – G.A. Hansard 1834

Prehistoric fishing in Europe and North America – Charles Rau 1884

Rambles with a fishing-rod – E.S. Roscoe 1883

Making Fishing Rods As A Hobby – H. Brotherton 1960

Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing – William Cartwright 1874

The Art of Fishing: A Poem – T. W. Charleton 1819

The Coquet-Dale Fishing Songs – Thomas Doubleday 1852

Practical Fly-fishing founded on nature – John Beever 1893

Trout-fishing for the beginner – R.Clapham 1922

Trout fishing in the Isle of Man – M.S. Tod 1865

Dry-fly fishing in border waters – Frederick Ferni 1912

The Art of Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams – H. C. Cutcliffe 1883

A Booke of Fishing with Hooke and Line – Leonard Mascall 1590

Dry-fly fishing in theory and practice – Frederic Michael Halford 1902

The fishing tourist: angler’s guide and reference book – Charles Hallock 1873

Fly-fishing and fly-making for trout, etc – John H. Keene 1887

Walton and some earlier writers on fish and fishing – Robert B. Marston 1894

Red Palmer: A Practical Treatise on Fly Fishing – James Tayler 1888

G. Little & co., fishing rod & tackle manufacturers and fly dressers … 1879

Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and Miseries of Fishing – Richard Penn 1833

The Erne, its legends and its fly-fishing – Henry Newland 1851

Bowlker’s Art of Angling – Charles Bowlker 1854

The angler and his friend; or, Piscatory colloquies and fishing excursions – John Davy 1855

The Angler in the Lake District ; or Piscatory colloquies and fishing excursions in Westmoreland and Cumberland – John Davy 1857

Salmonia: or, Days of Fly Fishing – Sir Humphrey Davy 1828

The Fly-fisher’s Entomology illustrated by coloured representations of the natural and artificial insect, and accompanied by a few observations and instructions relative to trout-and-grayling fishing – Alfred Ronalds 1839

The Modern Angler, containing instructions in the art of fly-fishing, spinning and bottom-fishing, fully describing the tackle – H. Jervis Alfred

The Young angler’s guide : comprising instructions in the arts of fly-fishing, bottom-fishing, trolling, &c. ; illustrated with numerous fine engravings and wood-cuts – John Cheek 1839

Fishing Experiences or Half a Century, with instructions in the use of the fast reel – F. P. Hopkings 1893

Oppian’s Halieuticks of the nature of fishes and fishing of the ancients – Oppian 1772

Rod and River, or, Fly-fishing for Salmon, Trout and Grayling – Arthur Thomas Fisher 1892

Dry-fly Fishing for Trout and Grayling – James Englefield 1908

Flies and Fly Fishing for White and Brown Trout, Grayling – Harris St. John Dick 1873

The Origin of the Silver Eel : with remarks on bait & fly fishing – David Cairncross 1862

The Practical Fly-fisher: More Particularly for Grayling Or Umber – John Jackson 1854

The Complete Angler’s Vade-mecum: Being a Perfect Guide of Instruction – Thomas Williamson 1825

The Angler’s Vade-Mecum – Charles Farlow 1860

The Angler’s Vade Mecum, containing a descriptive account of the water flies, their seasons, and the kind of weather that brings them most on the water … to which is added, a description of the different baits used in angling, and where found – William Carrol 1818

The Fly-fisher’s Entomology – Alfred Ronalds 1849

The Angler’s Manual: Or, Fly-fisher’s Oracle. With a Brief Compendium on Bottom Fishing – John Turton 1836

The British angler’s manual, or, The art of angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland – Thomas Christopher Hofland – 1848

British Angling Flies – Michael Theakston 1883

North-country flies. Comprising eleven plates of hand-painted illustrations, from the author’s own drawings, with particulars of the dressings and season of each fly; and chapters on fishing the minnow, the creeper, the stonefly, and the worm in clear water, with an extra plate showing the hooks necessary therefore – Thomas Evan Pritt 1886

North-country Flies: (alternative copy) – Thomas Evan Pritt 1886

Brook and river trouting, a manual of modern north country methods, with coloured illustrations of flies and fly-dressing materials – Harfield H. Edmonds and Norman N. Lee 1916

A Treatise of Fysshynge wyth an Angle; by Dame Juliana Berners: being a facsimile reproduction of the first book on the subject of fishing printed in England by Wynkyn de Worde at Westminster in 1496. With an introduction by M.C. Watkins

Art of angling, and complete system of fly making  by Blacker, W. (William) 1842

The Universal Angler, Or, That Art Improved in All Its Parts, Especially in Fly-fishing by Richard Bowlker 1766

The natural trout fly and its imitation by West, Leonard 1912

Rambles and recollections of a fly-fisher by Cartwright, William 1854

Fishing tackle, its materials and manufacture by Keene, John Harrington 1886