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About Settle Anglers


Chairman… J.H.K. Elvidge
Secretary… R. W. Garnett
Treasurer… I. Preston
Bailiff… A. Fryer
Bailiff & Poaching Officer… M. Carr


Settle Anglers have waters on the Ribble both North and South of Settle, a stillwater at Winterburn and a couple of miles of river fishing on the Wenning near Clapham.

The Ribble at Settle is a good river for brown trout, sea-trout, grayling and salmon. Downstream of Settle in Rathmel Deeps there are chub and grayling and the occasional barbel which seem to make its way there.

Upstream the club’s waters end at Stainforth Packhorse Bridge and downstream the waters end just above Rathmell beck though there is another stretch of water about 1.5 miles in the clubs possession at Arnford near Long Preston.

No stocking takes place in the rivers and a wild trout policy along with riverine habitat improvement has been adopted.

The wild trout are wily and test the anglers expertise, on the other hand the grayling have prospered and we have now created an excellent grayling and trout fishery catching similar numbers of both species in a season.

The reservoir at Winterburn is an excellent addition to our waters, being situated in a wild environment on Malham / Winterburn Moor and stocked with good sized brown trout. There are plenty of wild trout which seem to have survived well and have established a breeding population in the feeder stream.

The Wenning is probably better known for its sea-trout. At one time the Wenning was a great sea-trout river; in recent years numbers have varied, but there are habitat schemes and fencing to limit farm animals access into the river, good numbers of wild brown trout inhabit the waters and again offer challenging sport to the discerning angler, a pretty river where solitude can be found.