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About the Members Area

The Members Area

This is a private area. The pages in this section are accessible only by SAA Members who are logged in to this website.


Logging in to the Members area

In order to access the private areas of this website you will need to Log in with a Username and Password.

If you are not already subscribed  you can request an account and provide a User Name of your choice by using the Log-on request form.
A password will be automatically generated and sent to you via email. Once you have logged in you can change the password to one of your own choosing.


Lost password

If you have already set up an account but have forgotten your Password then either click on the Lost your password link on the log in page or click here: Lost password 
You will need to enter either your Username or Email address and click on the Get New Password button. You will then receive an email with a link to enable you to create a new password.

The Reset Password page will automatically generate a password for you, but you can edit this to one of your own choosing. It will not accept weak passwords, so try to use a combination of at least 9 upper and lower case letters, numbers, and keyboard characters.

Changing your password

You can change your password either by using the Lost password link as described above or by accessing your User Profile page



The Security system records all attempted logins. After number of unsuccessful logins have been recorded against a users computer, you will be locked out for a period of time.
Continued attempts are regarded by the system as a potential threat and several lockouts within a certain period will result in a ban, which can then only be removed by request.

If your login fails because you have forgotten your password it is advised to use the Lost Password link described above rather than try to keep guessing, otherwise a lockout will occur.